The school of international education strives to enrich the after-class lives of its international student by providing them with various activities and competitions. University International student and faculty staff badminton match is one of the efforts the school made in the manner.

On March 22nd, the matches were official started, the match was set in tournament style, the winners of each group get to the next stage to compete with the winners of the peer group. Each competition takes three matches and the winner of two matches gets promoted to the next stage. The competition had attracted student athletes from Pakistan, Russia, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. The competition set no barriers, players at all levels were welcome. Some of the students with professional skills were playing tremendously. They had all together brought to the university a big and fabulous international sports event.

Finally, student TEPLIAKOVA LIDIIA from Russia had won the female championship for female single matches, LOHANA PERSHANT from Pakistan had won the male championship for male single matches and the union of LOHANA PERSHANT of Pakistan and VASILEVA ANASTASIIA of Russia had won the mix double matches ultimately.

The faculty staff and student competition were opened on the 27th of march, the winners from the student matches were automatically promoted to the faculty staff and student matches. Finally, the faculty staff had achieved 3:2 over the students in final calculation.

The student had reflected to the school that they thought the game was awesome and they felt like their relationship with the staff has been tightened, they felt Keda (USTL) was more like a home to them than just a place to study in a foreign country.