It has been more than a month now since China started the people’s war against the novel coronavirus. Unfortunately, though China has achieved a substantial reduction in everyday increment of the infected people, the world now is experiencing an outbreak of the epidemic, quickly known as the pandemic. South Korea and Japan, two close-by countries both geographically and culturally are finding a substantial increment in numbers of the infected people reaching hundreds of newly infected every day. No need to mention that there are tens of other countries are all suffering too, Iran, Italy etc.

China used to be a country that is trying its best to stop the virus from spreading out, now it has to put more attention on stopping the virus from coming back in again. It is a tough job, and experts say the epidemic may last all the way through May. In the meanwhile, the WHO has upgraded the level of the pandemic from serious to very serious.

A Chinese university is somehow different from a western one, the difference roots in the Chinese culture. Just like the way can China treat the epidemic where there is no other country can match up with its resolute and strength. You are a Chinese University student, under this unprecedented time of emergency, the university cares so much about your health and safety.

The university is kindly asking you to stay where you are and reduce traveling as much as possible to minimize your chance of getting infected to the lowest possible. As many students are having the same questions for the university, a date of the new commencement or at least a possible estimation of the resumption date of the school. The answer is that the university will only resume when it sees a confirmed disappearance of the epidemic. The only reason for that is it takes great responsibility for the safety and health of all its students. Any impulsive decision would lead to irreversible consequences that no one wants to see. Luckily the university is launching an on-line studying initiative to continue your study with it even though it is still in lock-down.

The university has worked around the clock specifying plans in detail to counter any possibilities. What you need to do is to comply with the university’s instruction, wait at home, take on studies where possible and wait for further notice. Please do not worry about your expiring Residence Permit, the university will send out letters to you to assist you in getting new visas after the pandemic. Once a new commencement date is fixed, the university will update you at least 20 days in advance.

The WHO said a world coronavirus pandemic is inevitable. We hope all of our students together with the rest of the world live through the pandemic safe and healthy. We are looking forward to seeing you when the COVID-19 is gone for good.