---Temporary requirements for coronavirus epidemic control

Recently, the coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has broken out in several in Wuhan and its surrounding places in Hubei province. The President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang have both given out directives to counter the epidemic. A war to protect the people from the epidemic has started. On January 25th, Liaoning province initiated top level Major Public Health Emergency Correspondences to cope with the situation. The University party committee has launched immediate correspondences to implement the central government’s directive. To make sure every university staff and student to maintain in good health condition, the university is asking all its staff and students to fully comply with the following requirements:

1.     To increase the prevention and control awareness of all university staff and students. All university staff and students should make their personal health the top priority of their own. You should think like a world citizen, be responsible for yourself and everyone else around you, obey local regulations and official instructions. Everyone should do their own part in contributing to the epidemic prevention and control work proactively.

2.     Everyone should follow the following routine during the epidemic control period. They are “being alert to the situation, give enough attention to the ongoing epidemic, reduce your frequency of going out, reduce your frequency of getting together with others, wash hands as frequent as you can, wear a musk when being with others, take some fresh air when possible, cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing, avoid rubbing eyes, report to the closest hospital if symptoms are discovered, no need for panic and not spreading any rumors”

3.     The university is urging all its staff and students to avoid travelling as much as possible. No travelling and gatherings are recommended during the epidemic period. Any faculty staff who is still in the city of Anshan, please do not leave the city. If it is really necessary for you to leave the city please report your leave to your direct supervisor. If you are currently at another place outside the city of Anshan want to come back, please also report to your direct supervisor before arriving. Anyone who just came back from other places should stay at home for a 14-day quarantined reviewing period, please do not come to the university to carry out any activities. Regular activates can only be carried out after an individual has passed the reviewing period.

4.     It is effective immediately that every staff and students report to their monitor their traveling plans and daily health condition. Anyone who came back from Wuhan (Hubei province) after January 1st 2020 or got in touch with anyone who came back Wuhan (Hubei province) after the date should go to a hospital in the city once similar symptoms were discovered and let your monitor know the same time.

5.     Every university staff and students should obey the university regulations strictly. From now on, the university will use strict control on anyone who does not belong to the university trying to enter the campus. Campus gym, badminton court, stadium, indoor basketball courts, indoor Ping-Pong courts all shut down until further notice. It is strictly prohibited to organize or hold any public gathering events, meetings or rally during the epidemic period.

Dear every staff and student, the university cares about you and your families’ health and safety. Wherever you are at, you are a representative of the University of Science and Technology Liaoning. It is your responsibility to prevent and control the coronavirus pneumonia epidemic to your most extent. Let us all start working toward a good will to contribute to the society in prevention and containment of the epidemic.

May health and happiness be with you!

University Calling Center for Health 0412-5929221

Epidemic Prevention and Control Committee

University of Science and Technology Liaoning

January 26, 2020