School of International Education held 2020 New Year Party

The evening party started with the showing of top three videos of the  2019 International Student Video Contest. Videos made by students from Kyrgyzstan, Zimbabwe, and Russia showed colorful life of international students in China and school. Li Shengli presented certificates to the winners.

The hostess is Qynn, a degree student from Zimbabwe.

The first program of the evening party is performed by the Russian language students. They dressed up and performed a beautiful waltz dance for everyone.

One of Chinese government scholarship students from Vietnam, NGUYEN THI HUONG, and several Russian language students sang the classic song "Jasmine" in Chinese, demonstrating the achievements of teaching Chinese culture.

The song "ohne dich" was from a Russian language student.

Students from the School of Fine Arts showed carefully prepared folk dance.

NGUYEN THI HUONG sang a Vietnamese song “Người Đi Xây Hồ Kẻ Gỗ”, presenting Vietnam ’s exotic atmosphere.

Russian language students sang the Russian song "GOLAYA".

Kelvin, a Zambian degree student, sang the English song "Rawhx Van Marley".

Several Russian language students sang the English song "abba Christmas", and some international students joined the chorus.

The hip-hop performance of the school hip-hop club attracted international students to show their skills.

Ajah, a Nigerian degree student, performed R&B on stage.

Leaders of school issued certificates for some language students in 2019.

The theme of the evening party was "Learning and Harmony". It aims to promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning between different countries, enhance Chinese-foreign teacher-student exchanges, and deepen the friendship between students of various countries.

Students present expressed that they were very happy to be able to welcome the New Year with teachers and friends from different countries. They also watched wonderful performances from students from different countries here, and believe that they can become good friends across national borders. The teachers and students gathered together to enjoy the wonderful performance and welcome the arrival of the new year together.