Dear students

This year’s Chinese New Year festival was meant to be an unprecedented and memorial one because, instead of celebration, we stand together fighting an enemy that is so tiny but lethal.

The Educational Department of Liaoning province has announced the latest notice on the commencement date of the spring semester for all schools. It says in the notice that all schools postpone their commencement date for the spring semester due to epidemic emergency. The new commencement date will be set according to the epidemic control situation. All students must not come back to the university in advance. However, there is no estimation of when the epidemic is going to pass and hence no estimation of when the university would resume.

Here we propose the following initiatives for you who are staying with us during this unpredictable period:

First of all, please tell your monitor your arrangements of returning to school. Students should observe self-quarantine in foreign students’ apartments after returning to campus and go public places after ensuring safety. If you find yourself catch fever, with fatigue, cough or other related symptoms, please wear a mask to go to the nearest designated hospital for medical treatment at the first time, and contact your class tutor timely.

Secondly, pay close attention to relevant news reports on prevention and control of novel coronavirus which are issued by authoritative media to keep track of the latest epidemic situation. Meanwhile, it is also significant to learn the knowledge of disease prevention and improve the ability of self-protection.

Thirdly, during virus prevention, please reduce frequency of going outside and wear masks as long as you are out. Avoid going to places where there is a crowd. Avoid contacting with people who possesses flu symptoms or wild animals.

Fourthly, pay attention to personal hygiene and protection. Wash hands and ventilate frequently. Drink more water and ensure yourself enough sleep. Remember to cover the nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze. Keep warm and exercise more to improve immunity.

Fifthly, please keep proper attitude towards the epidemic situation of novel coronavirus. It is rational to realize that the epidemic can be prevented and controlled. Don’t be slack, panic. Do not spread rumors or unconfirmed information.

Our faculty staff will keep in touch with students and update you with the latest development of the epidemic situation and requirements of the university. Please focus on news and messages released by Chinese official broadcast, or the School of International Education through wechat.

Our fellow students, everyone is responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic. Let's make joint efforts to fight the virus. We hope that all of you stay in good health and positive toward the days to come.

School of International Education

University of Science and Technology Liaoning

January 30th 2020