School of International Education Inspected the Sanitation of International Student Dormitory

In the afternoon of March 6, in order to encourage international students to clean their rooms, keep the hostel clean, and create a good environment for epidemic prevention and control, leaders and teachers of the school checked the sanitation of the hostel of international student. At this time, the cleaning is not only to overcome the current epidemic, but also to enable each international student to develop good living habits, maintain healthy, and prevent the virus including the 2019-nCoV.

It is found that most of the students' rooms were cleaned, the environment of the public kitchen was greatly improved, and the whole building was in good order. The school rewarded and praised some students for their cleaned rooms, and distributed free masks to the international students. The international students are reminded again to open windows to get fresh air every day, clean the room every day, wear masks, use public kitchens separately, and not to gather, not to disturb others so that build a warm dormitory together.