International Students Dormitory Regulation University of Science and Technology

(Trail Implementation)


International students should abide by the regulations of the school dormitory management and respect other students ' daily habits.


First year students are required to live on campus.


Students who live in an international student residence on campus can choose between single or double rooms. Those who receive Chinese government scholarships and Liaoning provincial governments scholarships should be subject to the school arrangement in choosing what type of rooms to live in. (if choosing to live off campus, all the cost will be self-financed).


The international students residing in the international students ' apartments should comply with the following rules:

1. shall not use electric stove, electric heating, toaster and other overload electrical appliances, do not cook in the dormitory. Residence can purchase their own refrigerators with volume less than 120 liters for not willing to share the public fridge with others.

2. Do not open, move, damage the dormitory fire facilities; Any person who damages the fire protection facilities without proper reasoning shall pay for the damages, and any obstruction of the fire-fighting passage will be forcibly removed, and the University of Science and technology Liaoning shall not bear any economic loss arising;

3. Please keep the dormitory quiet, no excessive drinking of alcohol, not noise, no loudspeakers, so as not to affect others learning and rest;

4. Do not damage, unauthorized demolition, modification of the dormitory equipment. Any cost arising from damaging the public facilities will be covered by the breaker.

5. Throwing objects out of the window or balcony at any time is strictly prohibited;

6. No smoking in the international students’ dormitory;

7. No gambling in the international students’ dormitory;

8. No prostitution in the international students’ dormitory;

9. Rigorous fighting behavior, once found, the engaged personnel will be transferred to the police.

10.  University of Science and Technology Liaoning no longer allows any visitors to go in the international students’ dormitory, non-residence will not be allowed to enter the international student dormitory; Visitors stay in the dormitory overnight, once found, shall be transferred to the police department according to the " No. 245 article of the criminal law of the People's Republic of China” for trespassing;

11. On campus residence should come back to the dormitory no later than 23:00 Sunday to Thursday, and no later than 24:00 Friday to Saturday. The janitor of the dormitory has the right to refuse to open the gate of the dormitory for any late returning residence.

12. No climbing on the dormitory fence outside the wall of the first floor, No climbing of the wall of the dormitory, no climbing over the partition fence between section A B on the first floor of the dormitory;

13. In order to ensure the safety of foreign students, no party of similar activities are allowed on the balcony. Any one who lives in a room with open balcony must not summon others to play on the balcony. Breaker of the rules will be ask to move out from the room of balcony.

The School of International Education

March 22, 2018