A Notice on School Arrangement of Teaching and Holidays

of 1st Semester in 2019-2020

Dear Undergraduates,

In order to facilitate your personal arrangement for the semester, please kindly note the following notice of the school arrangement of teaching and holidays of this semester.

★Part one:The arrangement of holidays

1、Mid-Autumn Festival:September 13rd (Fri.), September 14th (Sat.), September 15th (Sun.).

2、National Day of China: Following School Schedule

3、New Year celebration: Following School Schedule

4、Winter vacation: Following School Schedule

★ Part two: The arrangement of teaching

1、 Semester duration for all grades : All classes of this semester start on 2nd September (Mon., Week 1), 2019 and end on 17th January (Fri., Week 20), 2020.

2、Time of major examinations for grade 2016、2017 and 2018: December 30th (Mon., Week 18), 2019 to January 3rd (Fri., Week 18), 2020.

3、Time of final examinations of general education courses for grade 2018 and 2019: January 6th (Mon., Week 19), 2020 to January 10th (Fri., Week 19), 2020.

4、Courses Registration date for 2nd semester of 2019-2010: February 27th (Thu.) and February 28th (Fri.), 2020. (Courses Registration including as follows: Roll Processing, Get new timetable etc.)

★Time of Free Make-up exams: February 24th (Mon.) to February 28th (Fri.). In order to settle the name-lists of Re-taking classes from the beginning of the new semester, the make-up examinations are held in Week 0. Your comprehension and consideration for this changed exam time are greatly appreciated.